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Golden Snowball Totals for the 2010 - 2011 Snowfall Season
Updated  5/1/2011

GSB Cities This Season Normal Average
to Date
This Time Last Season Normal
 Seasons Average
All Time Season Snowfall Record
Syracuse 179.0 111.8 106.1 121.1 192.1 inches
( 1992 - 1993 )
Rochester 127.0 99.8 89.8 100.3 161.7 inches
( 1959 - 1960 )
Binghamton 117.5 80.8 81.4 81 134.0 inches
( 1995 - 1996 )
Buffalo 111.8 96.7 74.1 97 199.4 inches
( 1976 - 1977 )
Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introducing this year's forecasting features

Visitors on the Golden Snow Globe may recall my forecasting bits from last season. The basic idea was to make 2 forecasts in each post: one for somewhere in New York state and one for somewhere else in the country. There were 20 posts, or 40 forecasts, in all. The goal was to have an accuracy of 90% or better. The feature was called The Golden SnowCast. I've worked on some tweaks, and coming soon, I'll begin forecasting once again.

The first change is that I'll be doing two types of forecasting, long range and short range, instead of just one like last year. Short range basically follows the same format as last year's Golden SnowCast: I'll forecast for a few days away, usually weekends. The long range forecast will involve a season outlook (basically, the end of March) and predictions for January, February and March.

Secondly, the verification system has been changed. Last year, it was either right or wrong, no in between. This year, I'm introducing a target based system. Each forecast will have three different categories: Bull's Eye, On Target or Complete Miss. A Bull's Eye is worth 2 points, On Target is worth 1 and a Complete Miss is worth 0. The goal will be to be at 1.00 or better by season's end.

Third, instead of calling the zones New York State and World, they are now Golden Snowball and Golden Snow Globe. Last year, most of the NYS forecasts involved the GSB cities, and the World forecasts mostly involved other U.S. cities, so this is just a minor change really. Each zone's forecast will be posted on the respective sites.

Finally, I'll be taking suggestions into account when making the forecasts. Last year, we had a feature called Stump the Weather Chump. While that will stay this year, I figure we can expand on that this year. Basically, if a suggestion fits into the forecasting features, I'll try to use it there. If not, it'll be used as a Stump the Weather Chump challenge.

I'm sure all of this will make more sense as the forecasting begins. I plan on doing a season outlook on New Year's Eve, and the January look on New Year's Day. The first weekend forecast will be next week.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Rochester Breaks December Monthly Snowfall Record

Just did a full update at the Golden Snow Globe


According to NOAA, the national weather service out of Buffalo, Rochester broke the all time record for most snowfall for any December. Way to go Rochester. To me the certain monthly records rank third and are hard to break which makes it pretty cool IMO.

The hardest record would be the record for most snow in a season followed by the most snow recorded ever in any given month and then what both Rochester and Syracuse did this month. The most snowfall in a certain month... Congrats Rochester!!!!!


0840 AM EST MON DEC 27 2010


1884-1885 FOR ROCHESTER, NY.

Have a Great Day All! I'm off to try and update some of the national snowy city stats with that Nor'Easter winding down ;)

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 3 Snowiest Days for GSB Cities

With Syracuse having taken over the updates on the site (and deservedly so), I figured it was about time to shift the focus off of the current contest, especially since it's been a fairly calm period for the GSB cities. There was a pretty good discussion on the previous update about the snowiest days ever recorded in Syracuse. That discussion is the inspiration for this post, the top three snowiest days for each of the GSB cities.

1. 30.4 (March 12, 1888)
2. 23.5 (February 14, 1914)
3. 22.0 (March 13, 1993)

1. 21.0 (February 19, 1972)
2. 18.6 (March 13, 1993)
3. 18.4 (January 13, 1964)

1. 33.9 (December 10, 1995)
2. 26.2 (December 28, 2001)
3. 24.9 (November 20, 2000)

1. 23.0 (January 3, 1996)
2. 22.3 (March 4, 1999)
3. 18.4 (March 6, 1999 and February 14, 1960)

1. 22.1 (March 13, 1993)
2. 22.0 (January 31, 1966)
3. 20.8 (February 4, 1961)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Syracuse Breaks December Monthly Snowfall Record

It's official, Syracuse just had the snowiest month of December on record. Rochester is next. Just put out by NOAA!




1. 78.1 INCHES JANUARY 2004
2. 72.6 INCHES FEBRUARY 1958
3. 72.2 INCHES JANUARY 1978
4. 71.0 INCHES JANUARY 1966
5. 70.8 INCHES DECEMBER 1ST-17TH, 2010


On Wednesday, 11.9 inches fell at the Syracuse airport, over double the previous record for the day: 5.4 set way back in 1951.

Syracuse's snowiest December on record was in 2000 with 70.3 inches. So far this month, the city has 69.5, so it really is not a matter of if the record will be broken, it's a matter of by how much.

In terms of snowfall before the official start of Winter, Syracuse has already broken that record too. The old one was set in 1995 at 63.5. Currently, Syracuse stands at 70.3 with a few days remaining before Winter officially begins.

There is some good news for those of you in the area who are tired of shoveling or driving in the snow. Snowfall is expected to be minimal for the next few days.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rochester and Syracuse Sliding Toward December Snow Records

12/16 11:30 am - I just got through shoveling about 5 inches of snow, 2 inches of it was probably already reported leaving about 3 more inches so no doubt Syracuse has to be right around the all time record snowfall for December. Quiet right now though. Anything new going on in Rochester?


Updated 10:45 PM - NOAA just put out some new stats for Syracuse. They are showing 64.9 inches of snow for December making this the second snowiest December on record. The old record was 64.6 set in 1989. They now need another 5.5 inches for this to be the snowiest December on record.


Both Rochester and Syracuse are closing in on their all time snowiest Decembers on record. I'll have to look around more to see what Binghamton's record is. Monthly snow records have always impressed me since I took over as the stat keeper of the Golden Snowball contest. I think for the fact that they are pretty hard to break and everything has to fall into place just right.

Well that seems to be happening right now for Syracuse and Rochester. There is no doubt in my mind that Rochester will break their December snowfall totals. Rochester's December snowfall totals as of 4:PM today, 12/15 were at 43.0 inches. Leaving them just another 3.3 inches of snow left to break the old record set in 2008 according to The Democrat and Chronicle out of Rochester. Will tomorrow be the day for The Rock???

As for Syracuse they are sitting at 59.4 inches as of 5 PM today 12/15 and at least another 3 inches has fallen since. Right now according to Meteorologist Peter Hall at the record for December snowfall is 70.3 dating back to 2000. Right now Syracuse has had their 3rd snowiest December and most likely come morning or later tonight will be at the 2nd snowiest Dec. on record if the stats are right. Again, no doubt in my mind Syracuse will break the record. Stay Tuned and have a great night :)

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rochester Melts Away Some of Syracuse's Lead

Rochester knocked a couple more inches off Syracuse's lead yesterday. Syracuse hasn't gotten anything near what was expected and I think the same is happening to Buffalo. The snow is all around the area just not where we need it to be. Where it gets measured :( Here are the final snow stats for yesterday, 12/14.

Rochester - 7.3
Buffalo - 5.5
Syracuse - 5.0
Albany - 1.6
Binghamton - 1.3


12/15 1:00 AM - Here is another update for this second round. Syracuse is showing another 4 inches give or take But... That was as of about 10 PM. Rochester and Buffalo are only showing as of about 4 PM. Lets see what the stats show come the next update :)) Good Night All!

7:00 PM - Just did a quick update. Only Rochester and Buffalo reported. Buffalo added 5.5 inches so far today and Rochester added another 6.8 to their snow totals.


I just did a full update at The top 10 is starting to tighten up a bit :))


All of the snow stats should be up to date as far as yesterdays totals go. Rochester managed to melt away about 5 inches of snow from Syracuse's lead. Buffalo gained a little over 2 inches on Da Cause. Both Syracuse and Bingo only picked up about an inch and a half of the white fluffy stuff. Hey and even Albany picked up a little :))

I have a feeling my niece Kim is probably mad at me today because I told her that she may have a snow day either today or tomorrow or both. Well that didn't pan out for today but maybe the kids will get lucky tomorrow. It should be interesting once some of the overnight and today's totals come out. Not much going on in Syracuse right now so this is a good chance for the other cities to melt away some of their lead. Below are what was reported for Yesterday.

Rochester - 6.3
Buffalo - 3.7
Binghamton - 1.6
Syracuse - 1.4
Albany - 1.1

Have a Super Day All!

Get Ready for Round Two

It's about 1:30 am here in DaCuse. Cold, windy with light steady snow. What's it doing in your neck of the woods???

I've been keeping an eye on NOAA and on some of the weather websites today. I was thinking and maybe even hoping we were going to have a repeat of last weeks snow with perhaps Syracuse and Rochester making out pretty good again with this round. :)

The snow predictions seem like they have been going up and down for a good part of yesterday so in my opinion I think it's still up in the air as to who will get what and how much? I'm still liking Rochester as the winner of this round but Syracuse may be able to hold them off as far as totals go thru Thursday. Buffalo looked like they were getting some snow earlier? Albany is most likely to finally add something to their snow totals. Something they haven't been able to do since they started up the 2010 - 2011 Golden Snowball contest.

More to come in the morning and it will be interesting to see what happened overnight.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Syracuse Snow Stats

Good luck saying that title 5 times fast! :)

This is my first post as a contributor to the site, so I figured what better way to celebrate than a look back at the last storm.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm produced the fourth highest snowfall totals in any four day period on record. Below are the top 4 four day totals, with the last date in the four day period in parenthesis.

44.6 inches (2/1/1966)
44.5 inches (3/14/1993)
44.3 inches (1/31/1966)
43.2 inches (12/8/2010)

I find it a bit interesting that the three higher amounts are all in the later portion of the season. So, in other words, this the highest amount of snow Syracuse has ever had in a four day period this early in the season.

It was also the 6th highest 5 day total, and the 5th highest 3 day total.

It snowed continuously from 6:16 AM December 4th to 8:10 AM December 8th. That's a total of 97 hours and 54 minutes.

Oh yeah, more snow is expected toward the later part of the weekend, and the early part of next week.

Is Buffalo's snowiest season for all GSB cities (199.4 in 1976-1977) in trouble? Obviously, it's way too early to tell, but Syracuse is already about a quarter of the way there.

By the way, Winter has not officially begun yet. That's December 21st, almost 2 weeks away.

Has it Finally Stopped Snowing in Da Cuse

I'm looking out the window and I'm seeing something that has been missing for about a week now. Blue sky's! Not a single snowflake is falling here in Syracuse and we'll see how long that lasts. What a difference 4 - 5 days make in the great snow race called Golden Snowball.

Albany started off this season back around Nov 7th - 8th with 1.3 inches of snow and hasn't added to their totals since. Then come around Nov. 27th Buffalo grabbed the lead with 1.6 inches of snow total. Rochester decided to take over the snowfall lead around Dec. 5th - 6th and got to enjoy it for about a day before Syracuse said in a nice way of course, "step aside please and thank you very much". OK, Isaid that and not Syracuse :)

Syracuse gained the lead with some record breaking snowfall. Three days straight they set a daily record for snow totals including yesterday picking up 14.9 inches of snow beating the old record of 8.9 set back in 1961. Way to go 'Cuse!!!

Right now all of the cities are ahead of their average snowfall for this time in the snow season and are blowing away last years snow totals. Syracuse stands out of course with probably 4 feet more of snow falling compared to last season. The overnight totals still haven't been added.

A storm is heading our way in the next few days and it will be interesting to see which city makes out the best with it. I have a feeling it will be more westerly winds and predict advantage Buffalo and Rochester. Just a hunch or maybe wishful thinking after shoveling about 8 times so far this week. So does the Syracuse lead make it a lock for Syracuse once again? No way, it's not even close to being over. As a matter of fact the snow season is just beginning :))

Hey, have a super day all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Keeps Piling On in Syracuse and Rochester

5:00 PM Update - NOAA just came out with the late afternoon snow stats for today. Syracuse set another snowfall record for the date with 10.2 inches so far today breaking the old record of 8.9 set back in 1961. Syracuse is sitting at 41.9 inches on the season. Rochester picked up close to a couple more inches and that's about it for the other GSB cities.
It's been snowing non stop for probably 4 days now in the Syracuse area and Rochester and Binghamton aren't doing too bad either. The shoveling is definitely starting to get old even for us snow lovers. Syracuse set another date record with 9.3 inches of snow breaking the old record of 7 inches set back in 1958. The Rock just missed setting one. If I were to guess, I think Syracuse will have about another foot or so of snow to add come the next update or the one after that.

I shoveled about 6 inches late last night/early morning as it was snowing about 2 inches an hour. By the time I was done it looked like I never shoveled. Wake up this morning and it's still snowing and to be honest I'm loving it. Well give me about 20 minutes when I go out to shovel again and I'll probably change my tune for a little while anyways.

Syracuse Snow Around 12:30 Today

Tired of Cleaning the Snow Off Your Car - It Could Be Worse

It's way too early into the snow season to even think this will be a run away snow contest. Rochester and Binghamton have been getting the snow too and I know Buffalo will be jumping in sometime soon. One of our visitors Charles mentioned the possibility of a big storm coming early next week and I heard the same. Can it get any better than it's been the last 4 days??? We can only hope.

Here are some snow stats for yesterday:

Syracuse - 9.3 Record
Rochester - 7.4
Binghamton - 4.8


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Syracuse Plows into the Snow Lead

We have another lead change (LC) after yesterdays totals were updated. Syracuse set a date record picking up 12.2 inches of the white fluffy stuff passing the old snow record of 8.8 inches that was set in 2000. Binghamton also set a date record piling up 9.1 inches of snow breaking their old record of 8.5 set in 2003 and moved into second place. Buffalo is reporting 5.8 inches, Rochester 5.2 and Albany isn't reporting at all :)

These are the stats as of yesterday and there is still a lot of inches to add to the city totals including the overnight snowfall. With the exception of Albany all of the Golden Snowball cities are above their normal snowfall averages and are blowing away last seasons totals. Pretty good numbers for the slow start that we all got off to. I'll get a late afternoon/evening update in when the new totals come out. I also did a late night update on the national snow contest last night and I am about to update the top 10. That contest is also getting pretty interesting and I'm liking the way the NY cities are looking right now :)

Have a great day all and take it slow on the slippery roads.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowy Rochester Slips into The Lead

Update 9:45 PM:

Just a heads up that we have had another lead change but I'll wait until tomorrow to change the stats. As of around 4:pm Buffalo grabbed the lead from Rochester and Syracuse moved into second, Bingo jumped to 3rd place and the Rock sits in 4th now. At least 3 of the cities, maybe 4 may set a snow record for the date. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top come morning. I'm off to shovel.

Current Seasons Totals as of 4 - 5 PM

Buffalo - 17.0
Syracuse - 14.4
Binghamton - 13.7
Rochester - 13.4
Albany - Enough said :)


The snow totals are in from yesterday and Rochester is the King of the Snow Hill. They slid past Buffalo by only .05 but enough to get them on top and they are the first GSB city to reach the one foot of snow mark.. It will be interesting to see if they hold the lead through the next update because some of the overnight snowfall hasn't been reported yet.

Yesterday's Snow Stats According to NOAA:

Rochester - 8.3
Syracuse - 6.8
Binghamton - 6.2
Buffalo - .7
Albany - Trace

Here in the Syracuse area I just shoveled about 5 inches of settled snow. We'll see what NOAA comes out with later in the day or evening for the GSB cities. So far there have been 3 Leaders this season. Albany started the season out, Buffalo grabbed the lead from them and now Rochester takes over as the possible snow champion. I think it's going to be a fun and exciting season and I'll be posting the Golden Snowball winter outlook forecast sometime in the near future. I know everyone just can't wait for that post, Not.

Have a great day all!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Syracuse's Snowless Streak Ends

Syracuse hasn't been able to have an inch at a time fall this season . That is up until yesterday when 1.1 inches of snow fell. The second longest snow less streak on record.

I think the last time Syracuse seen and inch of snow was on February 27th. According to Sean Kirst at . Last season we sled past the old record going 287 days without an inch. This season Syracuse went 280 days I believe without an inch of snow falling in a day. Syracuse better be careful because we may just lose our Farmers Almanac's #1 ranking for the worst winter city in the US
That said it's been snowing off and on all day and at least 3 inches so far in my neck of the woods. Right now Onondaga and Madison county are under a Lake Effect snow warning until 7am so get up a little early tomorrow to clean off the cars and the driveways. I was watching th radar off and on today and it looked like Rochester was under a good snowband.

Anyone have any info on what's going on in the other GSB cities?

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Stats for the Buffalo Area Dec 1 - Dec 3

I'm sure most of you have heard how hard the surrounding Buffalo area has been getting hit. Motorists were stranded for hours and hours and hours on the thruway. Here are some of the snow stats via NOAA. More about being stranded at

DEPEW -- 42.0 --800 AM 12/3-- NWS EMPLOYEE
BUFFALO --39.0 --1000 AM 12/3 --SE CORNER BUFFALO
ELMA-- 30.0-- 800 AM 12/3--- NWS EMPLOYEE
WEST SENECA-- 30.0-- 800 AM 12/3-- COCORAHS
LANCASTER-- 29.5 --1059 AM 12/3 --NWS EMPLOYEE
LANCASTER-- 29.0-- 800 AM 12/3 --NWS EMPLOYEE
WEST SENECA-- 24.7-- 800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
LANCASTER-- 22.0-- 800 AM 12/3 --NWS EMPLOYEE
BLASDELL-- 20.3-- 800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
BUFFALO-- 20.0 --800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS - FIRST WARD
WALES-- 16.0 --800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
AKRON-- 14.0-- 900 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
ELMA CENTER-- 13.0-- 800 AM 12/3 --NWS EMPLOYEE
EAST AURORA-- 10.7 --800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
BUFFALO-- 9.2 --800 AM 12/3 --AIRPORT
BOSTON-- 7.0-- 800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
GLENWOOD-- 6.5-- 800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
TONAWANDA-- 1.2 --800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS
KENMORE-- 1.0 --800 AM 12/3 --COCORAHS

Why do I know this is going to open the normal yearly can of worms if ya's know what I mean :)


The National Golden Snow Globe Contest Begins

Just wanted to give a heads up that we updated the cities in the national snow race over at the Golden Snow Globe site. One of the leaders right now was second from last, last season. It should be another fun snow contest this winter.

Buffalo continues to add to their snow totals and it looks like they are just missing out on the really heavy stuff. Either way I'm jealous of what they are getting. Hey, were any of you stuck in that weather around the Buffalo area yesterday? Hopefully not looking at the video on CNN, the Weather Channel and other national news not to mention local.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rochester Finally Gets Some Measurable Snow

An Update as of early this morning in the Buffalo area - Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester picked up over 3 inches of snow yesterday to make a run at the top but Buffalo said slow down rock, not yet. Buffalo added 5.3 inches of snow to their totals which keeps them on top of the snow contest. Rochester shows that 3.4 inches of the white fluffy gold fell from the sky above them which shot them from last place into second place this snow season. There still may be more to add to those totals come tomorrow morning.

Syracuse remains in third place followed by Albany and Binghamton. Binghamton has to be feeling pretty lonely down there at the bottom of the snow chart. Don't worry, we all know that Albany will take that spot over sometime soon.

Yesterday was a day of heavy rain and strong winds, followed by snow at most of the Golden Snowball cities. Funny thing is here we are in December and 4 of the 5 cities broke a record for the most rainfall for the date. Binghamton was the only city that didn't even though they had 1.10 inches of rain.

Hey, Have a Great Day All!

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