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Golden Snowball Totals for the 2010 - 2011 Snowfall Season
Updated  5/1/2011

GSB Cities This Season Normal Average
to Date
This Time Last Season Normal
 Seasons Average
All Time Season Snowfall Record
Syracuse 179.0 111.8 106.1 121.1 192.1 inches
( 1992 - 1993 )
Rochester 127.0 99.8 89.8 100.3 161.7 inches
( 1959 - 1960 )
Binghamton 117.5 80.8 81.4 81 134.0 inches
( 1995 - 1996 )
Buffalo 111.8 96.7 74.1 97 199.4 inches
( 1976 - 1977 )
Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Was the Snow Storm a Bust?

Nightly Update (6:00pm) - Well the stats just came in for what has fallen so far and I think we can officially say it was a BIG BUST according to the numbers I just updated above. More snow is still in the forecast though so I suppose we'll have to wait it out.

I'm not going to whine, nope it's not going to happen. All I will say is that had to be the hardest 6 inches I have ever shoveled and the worse thing is I'm not done yet. That's all that is being reported for the Syracuse area so far if my math is right and I wouldn't count on it. The line up has changed but remember it is still snowing and come tomorrow there might be another change. Sorry Binghamton, Buffalo bumped you down a notch right next to Albany :)

I know I said I wouldn't whine about the stats that were reported but I will ask one question :) Do the people measuring know not to measure the snow next to an airplane with the engine running??? I'm kidding, we appreciate what you do.

Buffalo is winning this round so far with Syracuse 2nd, Albany 3rd, Rochester 4th and Bingo on the bottom but come morning that will most likely change a little.

Here are the snowfall totals so far for the BIG BUST of the December 15 -16 Snow (cough) Storm as of 4 - 5 pm Sunday:

Buffalo - 7.8
Syracuse - 6
Rochester - 5.6
Albany - 5.1
Binghamton - 2.4

As for the snow guesstimates. So far some of us would have been closer to the totals if we guessed 0.0 on all the cities, lol :) Of course a couple are pretty close. It's not over though and maybe another 20 inches will fall over night, not!

Anyways it's still snowing and I'll double check the stats either later tonight or tomorrow and also add what falls tonight.....

Morning Update - Maybe not! Round two is getting ready and cranking up. It's a mess in the Syracuse area and where I live which is just outside the city and most likely hazardous driving all around most parts of NY so don't drive if you can avoid it.

Here in the Syracuse area we hopefully made a permanent change over from sleet to snow. Probably close to an inch of sleet give or take a little just fell in a matter of an hour or so. That's a lot of sleet for that short period of time. Totals as far as snow goes from the overnight aren't in yet but the chances are they won't be too impressive because of the mix that most of us got. I took a look at some preliminary stats and I was surprised at who had how much and who didn't. At my house there is probably about 5 - 6 inches so far and that is counting what is coming down now. I'm not so confident though as to if I was figuring out the stats I was looking at right so I won't post anything yet. When the later day stats come out for some of the cities from NOAA I'll post the official stats. From what I saw was that Albany seemed to do pretty good but then again it could have been rain, mix and snow. These were stats I'm not use to looking at. Enough said for now because like I said I could be reading the data completely wrong :)

OK, round two most likely will be better than round one was so keep an eye on your local forecasts. The professional ones that is. We just guess here and pretend to know what we are talking about and most of you probably already know that by now :) You can check out the current warnings for all of NY at . Their the pros when it comes to forecasting. Look for a later day update and have a safe Sunday all.


At 12/16/07, 1:39 PM , Blogger Hello! said...

I'm a Syracusian that's living in Albany for work. The snow falls here are a joke. We got maybe six inches over night and people consider it a lot. Additionally, the city here waits until after a "storm" passes to begin plowing. Its offensive the way things are handled here. If this were Syracuse the streets would be clear and heavily salted; and I would not need sandbags in the back of my truck just to have enough traction to drive to the grocery store. And another thing that grinds my gears is that there's no Wegmans here! How do these people survive!?

At 12/16/07, 1:52 PM , Blogger TheGeneral said...

Checkin in! You know Pat I was thinking about making a quick post about this storm being a bust, but you beat me to it.

The initial push of precip was all to the east and west of Buffalo, we managed to get a quick 2 inches last night. Was dry all overnight, had a period of sleety ice in the morning and now we've had a steady light-moderate snow since. Maybe another 2-3 inches today. NWS is still calling for a 6-9 accumulation through today but I don't know if we get add up another 4-6 inches to hit their forcast.

We will have to see how the final wrap around precip adds up or if it just dies.

One thing we havent had in Buffalo yet is any wind, not even a light breeze. If the winds pick up like they are saying on the backside of this storm, then things might get a little hairy here.

At 12/16/07, 2:04 PM , Blogger TQ said...

Still a good bit of snow to go coming from the comma head.

At 12/16/07, 2:15 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Hello hello! Just the Wegmans comment makes it justified to ask for a raise for living in Albany :) No doubt that the Syracuse DPW are good at what they do. I'm just outside of East Syracuse and the roads right now are pretty slick in my neck of the woods unfortunately. They were pretty clean and just wet roads but then some freezing rain came through with some snow on top of it so their pretty messy right now. One swoop up and down and they should be cleaned up pretty good. I'm guessing their letting the salt work on the ice awhile.

Yeah, I have heard a few stories about Albany's cleaning up the roads :( I'm glad you posted from Albany because I was checking out stats for them and I was surprised to see that they were showing close to 8 inches of precip but I'm not sure if it is all snow or if it rained there or not. The chances are that Albany might of won the first round of this snowfall for the overnight which is impressive for Albany even though I know they normally make out half way decent on the Nor Easters. Thanks for the feedback and hopefully you can get back to DaCuse soon! BTW, is it snowing there now???

General, Albany is on your back, I think. You guys and gals better pull something off today to keep a good distance. Again I could be reading the stats wrong that I was looking at so no need to worry about last unless Albany pulls something from their sleeve today.

I agree it was definitely a disappointing overnight with the mix bringing down the snow totals for all of us :( I was losing confidence big time in my guesstimates from yesterday but I'm a little more optimistic in them with what's in the forecast for today and tonight. Hopefully the LES will bring the totals wayyyy up.

At 12/16/07, 2:19 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Oh, and the winds have been kind of quiet here also with only a gust here and there. They may be starting to pick up a little as I type though. I thought I read that the Buffalo area was suppose to get some pretty high winds??? There is still a lot of day and night left and I still think it's going to get pretty Cool out sometime soon ;)

At 12/16/07, 2:38 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

TQ, that's a nice shot :) Like I said, I'm going to stick with my earlier predictions although they might be a tad, lol bit high.

At 12/16/07, 5:24 PM , Anonymous SilverGirl said...

Hi Patrick,

I'm new to this site and really enjoying it. Sitting here in Baldwinsville (outside Syracuse), it looks pretty grim.

Any chance the past award recipients could be posted on this website as a standard feature?

Keep up the good work. It's appreciated.

At 12/16/07, 6:21 PM , Anonymous NYCO said...

I was staying in the Albany area for Christmas the year they had that big Christmas storm over there about 7-8 years ago... my God! you would not believe the utter hysteria. (Although, this was a real bad storm - I concur with what Hello! said, they just don't know from snow back there, and it's amusing to watch their minuscule evening weather forecasts - they have nothing resembling the small armies of weathermen here in Syracuse)

Meanwhile, this so-called Nor'easter... shoveling that junk was true torture this morning. If this was the sort of super-dense snow we usually got around here (which it isn't), it would be hell to live here.

At 12/16/07, 6:31 PM , Blogger TQ said...

Got a 3PM report from a ne_wx GoogleGroup poster about 4" of fresh snow since the dry slot moved out. Current VSBY 800'.

Plus...looks like a good FES event in store for tomorrow.

At 12/16/07, 6:52 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Hi Silvergirl and thanks for the kind words. It's a combo of a lot of people pitching in here to keep things up to date :)

Silvergirl, I'm not sure if your talking about the winning cities from the previous years??? If so The General who is from buffalo put some great stats together which are at

Of course the contest didn't run all of those years but it gives you an idea of which cities have won or would have if the contest was running all those years. Here is a link to some info on when it started and so on I plan on getting the site a little more organized once the holidays are over. Of course I think I said that last year too.

I use to work out of Baldwinsville several years back when I did drywall. It always seemed like an extra long ride in the winter :)

At 12/16/07, 7:40 PM , Blogger Ayuud said...

here are the photos i took on my house

about good 8 inches of snow

At 12/16/07, 8:29 PM , Blogger Jill said...

Boy, for all the hype the news was giving the storm, I thought (was hoping?) that I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow. Ha. Yeah, right. They were saying that up this way we were supposed to get two feet. At my house, I'd say I got about six or seven inches. Big deal. I did get the wind they were warning about tho'. My fingers were definitely cold by the time I got done clearing my driveway.

My hope now is that a lot of unexpected snow comes over night. More snow for the contest and the hope of not having to go to work in the morning :)

At 12/16/07, 8:36 PM , Anonymous mike m(binghamton) said...

patrick...they must measure it next to the planes lol i had about 3 inches through 5pm so not too far off, heavy lake effect snow now developing and the winners should be either syracsue, bingo or rochester tonight, my forecast for tonight syracsue 4-10,rochester 3-8, bingo 3-7, buffalo 2-4, and albany 1-3. o btw thats 3-7 at my house, T-.25 inches at the airport bc it is windy and the snow will not fall on their snowboard!!!!haha

At 12/16/07, 10:23 PM , Anonymous WeatherManNX01 said...

One of WNEP's TV towers on Penobscot Mountain near Scranton, PA, fell over this morning, knocking their signal off the air, WVIA's PBS signal off the air (luckily their NRP antennas were just below the break point), and WBRE and WYOU's signals off the air (took down power lines).

And the tower damaged part of the transmission building. This storm may have been a bust overall, but still a dangerous and nasty storm (anyone who watched the Bills play the Browns can attest to that...).

At 12/17/07, 12:25 AM , Blogger Patrick said...

NYCO, you should blog as to whether or not all the aids to our state leaders have to go out and clean off their cars for them :) My bet is most likely. I agree this snow, sleet and whatever else was mixed with it wasn't fun stuff. I just ventured out for the first time today, tonight, midnight that is and it is slicker than normal on the roads :(

TQ, how did everyone do picking the totals on your site for this storm? I just shoveled another 3 inches in DaCuse area. Right now it looks like some LES is trying to get set up south of Syracuse. Bingo might prosper from it if it pulls together into one.

Ayuud, that last shot gives a good idea as to what fell there and your snow Guesstimates are looking pretty good so far :)

Jill, you need to get your old job back. We hardly ever see you around here anymore. So far the numbers are pretty off to say the least. They were adding the totals in most cases until 7 am Monday I think so maybe tonights snow will bail them and me out on what was predicted. Maybe you'll get lucky and get Monday off! Your right, the rooster does look a lot more manly and healthier than he did a couple of weeks back BTW ;) You need to set up a live coop cam so we can all see what the do in the snow, lol.

Mike, I liked the airplane crack especially after all the snow I shoveled all day. Buffalo might be getting some good snow right now and like I mentioned it looks like several small bands setting up just south of Syracuse right now so you could be right on the money. If they form one band one of the city's could get hit pretty good IMO.

Weatherman, those were good pictures of what the ice and wind did to the towers. I guess I shouldn't be complaining about getting the sleet here it could have been the freezing rain and the way it was coming down it wouldn't have been pretty.

Bed Time!

At 12/17/07, 12:49 AM , Blogger TheGeneral said...

quick update, I'm sure I'll be back again later this morning, espically if the snow keeps up.

Well after saying this was a bust things really turned around.

2 inches from 8pm-11pm last night
1/2 inch of sleet this morning
2.5 inches from 10am-2pm today
7.5 inches from 2pm-11pm tonight

still snowing at a good clip, really kinda suprised the lake effect is hitting Buffalo the best right now with the NW flow setup. The winds picked up somewhat, but not really enough to make travel that much worse. It is flippin cold out there though tonight.

Airport reported 10 inches total storm at 8pm and with the snow burst centered right over the NWS I would expect Buffalo maybe being as high as 15-18 inches total storm by tomorrow morning. Now if Rochester doesnt get moving Buffalo could either take over 2nd or come very close behind in 3rd place.

More interesting the original NWS warning called for 14-22 inches... which yep we hit it now... Go Figure...

At 12/17/07, 8:54 AM , Anonymous mike m(binghamton) said...

airport came in with 2.9 through midnight...ha. no comment...except i had 5.5 inches through that same period. after midnight i think both me and the airport got hit hard...i know i picked up 3 more inches by morning(still snowing) but ill be interested to see how much snow fell under the running(hot) planes!!!

At 12/17/07, 4:45 PM , Blogger TQ said...

Some do better than others forecasting snowfall amounts and there's always a large range in the sum-total snowfall for all stations -- 46 to 146" for this storm. So far...there/s been ~99" reported.

Still snowing at some stations waiting for those daily clmate reports before doing the verification.

Final results will be posted Thursday evening.


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