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Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Interesting Weather Ahead!

The cold winter pattern looks to keep hanging in for us for at least the next week and bring with it some rather interesting weather. Several general snow systems, throw in a possible costal whooper, and some lake effect in between those to keep us occupied!

I am starting to get a little concerned with Buffalo falling so far behind so early this year. Since we usually get about half of our snow from the lake machine, one rooting for Buffalo should be worried since the lake is already down to 38 degrees (2 degrees below normal). If this cold continues Erie should start the icing over process by the end of December. Still leaves a chance for Buffalo to get back into things, but we better start kicking into gear and quick. Hopefully we will have that chance come Friday when a band might get fired up right into Buffalo, just have to wait and see.

As far as the other cities go, Bingo might be looking at a nice addition to its total Thrusday-Friday when a general snow storm tracks across Southern NY, and they might make a run for 1st or 2nd place. Then if Buffalo can get in on some decent lake effect, we might have all four cities neck and neck again.

We get a quick break from the snow early Saturday, but then a huge system moving in very early Sunday could turn into a major nor'easter and drop even more snow for some places. Hey maybe Albany can finally start posting some snowfall numbers.

I leave on this note....


At 12/12/07, 2:59 PM , Anonymous mike m(binghamton) said...

this is Mike M from password is not working for some reason, i tried to leave a comment earlier and apparently it didnt work either...any ways, tomorrows storm looks to dump 6-10 inches on bingo, with 3-6 ,da 'cuse and albany. buffalo and rochester should be 2-5. this weekends storm is still a go, with more than a foot possible across all of NY; esp bingo and albany.

At 12/12/07, 5:45 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Oh sure General, I have computer problems all day and finally log on to a "Let's Go Buffalo" picture :) You are original, I'll give you that!

Mike, thanks for all your feedback and input. All the posts need to be approved before they go through to the blog just to make sure no spam gets added. I'm normally on top of it but I had some computer problems and Finlay got on.

It should be interesting to see what the stats are come Monday or Tuesday and it's looking good for Bingo no doubt. For now anyways :)

At 12/12/07, 6:06 PM , Anonymous Mike M (Binghamton) said...

Mike, Post Moved to Here

patrick, sorry i didnt get back to you on previous ill do it here. first off thursday storm is still somewhat unceratin..but it is looking more likely that from I90 south at least 4-8 inches will fall..and from I90 north at least 2-5 inches will fall...well know more details tomorrow. as for weekend storm, confidence is certainly growing that some type of storm will occur...the details remain to be seen.snow looks to start some time saturday night and continue through sunday night,perhaps through monday depending on lake
enhancement/effect. latest model data depicts a solid area of 18-24+ inches over all of CNY, except buffalo which is more in the 8-14 inch range.again these are just preliminary numbers.we should have a pretty good handle on the storm by friday. Just as some eye candy last nights bufkit data(wether tool experts use,like national weather service)spit out 60 inches of snow for da 'cuse...that was including the storm plus lake effect after....that is a dream scenario and will not happen..but it was fun to look at lol!!

12/12/07 12:40 AM Original post date!

At 12/12/07, 6:50 PM , Anonymous mike m(binghamton) said...

o sweet you found my original post. yea i wonder just how much snow we may have by tuesday, numbers could be astonishing!!!

At 12/13/07, 9:17 AM , Blogger MikeL said...

Mike L here...this is my first post, but been reading this site for a few years, I think 3. I'm here in SE Massachusetts, we generally don't get much snow most winters, so I get my fix here (grew up near Glens Falls, good for about 80" per, went to college in Syracuse).

Thursday is supposed to get us about 8" last I hear, and maybe a foot Sunday, my fingers are crossed that it doesn't turn to rain.

At 12/13/07, 9:45 AM , Anonymous sre141 said...

"Let's go Buffalo"...I take the the Sabres have a game coming up...though, the Bills have a big game this weekend too...clearly that's what that picture was about.

At 12/13/07, 11:23 AM , Blogger TheGeneral said...

sre it will double for the bills and sabres cheer, plus some motivation for the Buffalo snow gods to pound us and get us back in this contest.

That and I didn't have enough snow to make the snowman army yet. That might change this weekend though. Watch your back Syracuse!

At 12/13/07, 1:29 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Mike L, I'm glad you posted. I have 3 nieces and a nephew-in-law who live in Mass, in and around the Boston area. One of their dads is suppose to head up that way from Syracuse tomorrow but I don't know if that trip has been put on hold. Hopefully it will stay all snow for Mass and none of the freezing rain or rain. Let us know how you make out if you have the time.

Lol Sre :) Yup Buffalo better get in on the snow the next several days because like the General says the lake just might be freezing over a bit early this season.

Go Sabres!!!

Mike M. Any snow to report in the Binghamton area??? Of course there is I'm just wondering what some of the estimates are so far. Hopefully it's make up time for the last storm totals that seemed a little short. It will be interesting to see if Buffalo can pull off and upset and bounce Bingo down to 4th place come tomorrow. LES might come in play to give Buffalo, Dacuse and Rochester and advantage.


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