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Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Win a Live Phone Call from Santa Claus

Win a FREE phone call from Santa. Yup, The snowman is playing Santa's helper this season. The North Pole called me up yesterday and said Santa needs a break and wants to give a little child a phone call. They offered me a free phone call from the real Santa Claus. I thought I would offer it up here because unfortunately we no longer have any little ones who believe like I do that there really is a Santa Claus. Two little ones on the way though to start off the next generation of snow lovers :)

We will have a random drawing on Tuesday afternoon if more than one person emails. So lets set the deadline to enter at Tuesday, December 11Th at 12:00 PM. It's really that simple. After the drawing all emails will be deleted and we will only contact the winning parent. The winner will receive a free call from Santa to one child which normally costs $21.95. Hey long distance phone calls aren't cheap from the North Pole ya know. The call on average lasts about 3 - 5 minutes and is personalized thanks to the help you give Santa online. You can add extra stuff like a recording of the conversation but your on your own for that at your cost. This offer is just for the call to one child and none of the extras. You can find more information about the calls from Santa Claus at .

If parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents are interested in winning a free phone call from Santa all you have to do is email Santa's Helper at with your name, city, state and email address that you want us to contact you at. Also please put ENTER SANTA DRAWING in the subject line to make sure I notice it. I receive thousands of emails a day. Remember, This is all just a fun little contest and Good Luck to everyone.


None really other than you must be an adult and a phone call will be made just to verify it.
Must live in the US.
Must love snow! (not really though, I'm kidding of course)
Entry Email must be received by 12:00 pm EST, Tuesday December 11Th. (we will email you back just letting you know that we received your entry).


We are not responsible for any emails that do not reach us. As mentioned above we will email you back just letting you know that we received your entry.

The snowman at Golden Snowball IS NOT responsible for anything else as normal and any questions can be mailed to . This is all in good fun and Good Luck!

Now where was all this stuff when I was growing up. Don't worry we never went without no matter what the circumstances were. To this day and since before I was even born Santa has always like clock work showed up at our house on Christmas eve and even with all the non believers now I'm expecting he will show up this Christmas eve also. You can also order letters from Santa and live phone calls if you would like to at

Drive slow and keep an eye on your local weather because there may be a mixture of a little snow and freezing rain on it's way. Enough said and have a great Sunday all!

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At 12/9/07, 4:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's the gimmick??? Will it really be free?

At 12/9/07, 5:29 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Anon, No gimmick at all and there never will be any here at the GSB websites.

Here is the scoop ;) A company that I deal with business wise offered me a lets say Christmas bonus which was the free phone call from Santa. Most of the kids in our family are sadly to say older now with the exception of my cousins kids but he has 3 kids who still believe in Santa and the offer is only for a call to one child. I planned on giving the certificate to my Brother-inlaw to use for his grand daughter but it turns out she is a non-believer and I think she is only 9 years old :( Geesh, I think my Mom and Dad had to finally break the news to me when I was about 16 just because of the other kids making fun of me :)

Anyways, The first thought that came to mind was to offer it up here so it doesn't go to waste. That's pretty much the whole story. I did listen to an example of the calls and who ever ends up winning it, their kids most likely will be pretty excited when Santa does call and talks to them in person.

At 12/10/07, 12:46 AM , Blogger TheGeneral said...

I could really use the jolly old fat man giving me a ring. He's got a lot of explaining to do in regards to slacking off in his gift delivery the past few years. Maybe a personal conversation with the man will help him to understand exactly what I am expecting this year!


At 12/10/07, 2:49 PM , Anonymous Patrick said...

LOL Steve! I think that's one phone call that Santa might want to say that he tried to call but the phone was busy :)


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