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Golden Snowball Totals for the 2010 - 2011 Snowfall Season
Updated  5/1/2011

GSB Cities This Season Normal Average
to Date
This Time Last Season Normal
 Seasons Average
All Time Season Snowfall Record
Syracuse 179.0 111.8 106.1 121.1 192.1 inches
( 1992 - 1993 )
Rochester 127.0 99.8 89.8 100.3 161.7 inches
( 1959 - 1960 )
Binghamton 117.5 80.8 81.4 81 134.0 inches
( 1995 - 1996 )
Buffalo 111.8 96.7 74.1 97 199.4 inches
( 1976 - 1977 )
Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Drive Careful This Week


Just a quick update on the snow stats for today so far. Binghamton has managed to fend off Buffalo so far by just 0.3 of an inch. Rochester finally made some kind of move and so far is winning this storm event. Albany hasn't updated yet so it will be interesting to see if they got much or not. It's official that Syracuse has gone over the 1 foot of snow mark standing at 13.1 inches. The totals for this storm for today only are below and remember it isn't over with. More is expected over night.

Rochester -4.7
Buffalo - 3.8
Binghamton - 3.1
Syracuse - 1.7
Albany - No Report

It looks like all of the Golden Snowball city's are getting some snow and it looks to continue off and on for the next couple of days. Every kind of precipitation is in the forecast including snow, rain, freezing rain, cats and dogs, the kitchen sink and so on so if you have to go out take it slow because the weather is hit and miss right now and it can go downhill quickly.

Syracuse is unofficially over the 1 foot mark. Unofficially because NOAA hasn't posted the new stats from overnight but looking out the window it's more than a safe bet. I remember getting an email from Eric last season, a fellow Syracusan I believe. The email was sent in the middle of February stating how he remembers that in the first week or so in January of last season Syracuse was just over 12 inches of snow. By the end of December 2006 Syracuse had only 12.2 inches of snow and only 12.3 inches up until January 9th according to NOAA stats. Then on Jan 10th we got 10 inches. Here it is the 2nd of December 2007 and they are already over that. All the city's besides Buffalo of course because of the October storm are above last years totals but below the normal so far. IT'S a RACE and IT'S ON!!!

Lets just hope that the other cities can come in with some decent numbers and what's up with Rochester this season? They really need to get it going or they might be finding themselves at the bottom of the list and there is nothing more embarrassing than being below Albany. It's a real possibility depending on what Albany has gotten so far and gets the rest of today. Most of Syracuse's snow update was from the wee hours of Saturday morning and ended up with a total of 4.8 inches for yesterday. Buffalo picked up 1.5 inches of new snow, Rochester just under an inch reported so far, Bingo and Albany are both reporting .03 but most likely those totals will go up.

It's gonna be a good snow season I believe for the skiers and the sledders but the start seems pretty weird. In a matter of less than 48 hours I have cut the grass and shoveled the driveway. Something seems wrong, very wrong with that picture. Just give me my 50 degree day to get up the Christmas decorations and I'll be happy. Have a Super Sunday everyone and drive careful.


At 12/2/07, 12:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know where the official stats are posted but more than 3" fell here in this part of Binghamton last night.

At 12/2/07, 12:43 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Anon, the last updated stats from NOAA for Binghamton, Albany and Syracuse were at 12:30 - 1:00 AM so the overnight snow hasn't been included yet for Bingo, Syracuse or Albany. I think the next update comes out between 4 - 5pm maybe sooner. The next update will show our overnight stats and I'm glad to hear that it was at least 3 inches and hopefully more. Gotta keep this contest close :)

Buffalo's and Rochester's stats were updated at around 5:30 am so some of their snow was added in the new update on the main page here.

If I have time which I should I'll update the new stats when they come out later.

At 12/2/07, 5:58 PM , Blogger mike m (binghamton) said...

i had 5 inches on the southside of binghamton..i think the airport is only reporting 3.8 or something like that...not bad though.

At 12/2/07, 7:47 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Mike and Anon, I saw that the weather station report that S. Binghamton got over 5 inches. Where it's measured didn't do too bad if you figure they just updated today's stats as of 5pm at 3.1 inches and then what I added earlier which I think was .9 inches for a total of 4 inches. You managed to hang onto second place by only a few snow flakes but enough.

Rock City finally is in the contest at 7.3 inches on the season so it's a close start to the GBS race this year.

At 12/2/07, 8:56 PM , Blogger mike m (binghamton) said...

i think rochester and syracuse will do very good with lake effect. syracuse could be anywhere from 4-12 inches by tuesday eve...and rochester 3-10. i would say bingo comes in with 2-5, buffalo 1-3 and albany...well thats a tough callfor tonight(sunday night)into tomrow,but as for lake effect most likely under an inch

At 12/2/07, 9:26 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

I'm looking at some of the radars right now and it looks like Binghamton is getting or about to get a little bit of whatever is going around tonight and Syracuse is about to get slammed by it. Hopefully snow and not freezing rain :(


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