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Syracuse 179.0 111.8 106.1 121.1 192.1 inches
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( 1959 - 1960 )
Binghamton 117.5 80.8 81.4 81 134.0 inches
( 1995 - 1996 )
Buffalo 111.8 96.7 74.1 97 199.4 inches
( 1976 - 1977 )
Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Monday, April 16, 2007

A Song Stuck in My Head

For some reason I woke up this morning with the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" stuck in my head. No lie! Maybe it's because I still haven't gotten over the fact that we had a green Christmas this year. Kind of twisted if you ask me and I know, I need to get over it. Even more twisted is that we have probably half a foot or so of snow on the ground on April 16th and it's still coming down. I've been wathing the Weather Channel and they are back in town reporting. They interviewed the Mayor Matt Driscoll who had to cancel a golf outing : )

The kids gotta love it getting an extended Spring vacation with a snow day today. It might be a good idea to keep the kids inside today for the fact that branches and power lines have been coming down. I looked out the window this morning to see several branches down. One at my house and a couple at the neighbors Frank and Donna's house across the street. The power lines are sagging but holding so far but reading some of the news reports it doesn't look like everyone has been as lucky so far. Over 70,000 without power across the state including some in the Syracuse area with some tree's and power lines down. Sean Kirst at said a tree is down in his neck of the woods and around here the fire trucks have been busy heading up my street a good part of the morning most likely for the same reason.

Crank up the heat. For those of you that don't have wood stoves or fire places I suggest you crank your heat up just in case. It's kind of a ritual here when a storm with heavy snow or ice hits here. Crank the heat up and if you lose power that will buy you a few more hours of warmth. I'll be crunching some numbers later in the day when all of the snow stats are reported from NOAA. Lets just hope this is it for the season because it's getting old even for me. Have a great week all and stay safe!


At 4/16/07, 1:24 PM , Anonymous WeatherManNX01 said...

Wow, Snowstorms in know, with everything recently making the news about global warming, I think you'd have a tough time convincing the people in the northeast. ;-) New York City saw over 7.5 inches of rain yesterday (which would translate to approximately 75 inches of snow!), and we've had all rain...though it is currently mixing with a few snowflakes, and it is blowing! Makes it hard for umbrellas with the winds, and even hoods at some times. March Madness? Try April Agitation!

At 4/16/07, 7:24 PM , Anonymous Jill said...

This weather is nuts. All I've been seeing today and yesterday is lots of cold rain and heavy winds. I am so sick of rain - although I'm glad we didn't get 7.5 inches... yikes! And I'm glad we didn't get 1.5 feet of snow either... And bummer for everyone who lost power. I can't remember a year when so many people across the area have lost power so many times during the winter season. ~sigh~ Right now I'd settle for a couple of dry weeks in the 50's. No, not settle - *wish* for! :D

"Crank up the heat..."

I've never heard that before - what a great idea! Does it really work?

At 4/16/07, 10:44 PM , Anonymous Pat said...

I think most of us got lucky with this storm. WeatherT called it pretty good with a lot of it being rain for longer than some of us might of expected. I know several more inches of that heavy snow would of caused a lot more problems than there was. April Agitation is a good phase for our weather ;)

I always crank the heat up Jill if a storm is approaching that Can knock out the power and yup it does get you several more hours of comfort. Hopefully enough in time for the power to come back on. The other thing I do is on hot days with severe thunderstorms around I crank the air conditioning. It doesn't last as long as the heat would but it helps a little bit.


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