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Monday, March 12, 2007

Warm Weather Has Arrived

It's a gorgeous day outside with the temps expected to hit around the mid to upper 40's today. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the mid 50's. These are what I call the teaser days for the fact that Mother Nature is doing just that to us. Teasing us into thinking that the cold weather is a thing of the past. We all know better though. It's only March and it won't last. Still that doesn't matter because most of us are ready for the warmer weather and any days that we can squeeze in between the snowfall we will take. It's almost like the beginning of winter when we figure the longer we can go with nice weather the shorter the winter seems.

Look for a few warmer than normal days followed by, well, the same Ole, same Ole that we have been getting. A cold front is suppose to move in toward the end of the week with a chance of some snow. Unfortunately it looks like it is going to be the normal freezing, windy St. Patrick's day as usual. It comes down to would you rather have it around 40 degrees and raining or 30 degrees and snowing while hitting the St Patty's Day parade. I'll take the snow over the rain any day. Last year was one of the coldest I can remember mostly because of the wind and this year looks to be about the same as last year. It's still several days off so lets all hope the forecast changes before Saturday arrives.

On the basketball front, I'm still a little in shock. I expected to wake up this morning and read, "Oops, We Messed Up, Syracuse is In". Of course that didn't happen and it's almost time to except it. Not quite yet but come tomorrow it will be time to move on.

Watching coach Jim Boeheim during his news conference was pretty tough. Obviously disappointed to say the least. You can watch it at at I'm not going to rant anymore about SU not getting in the NCAA tournament. I will say that every poll I have seen online so far thinks SU got the rawest deal of all the teams that were left out.

That said, there are a lot of good teams in the other tournament. The ummm, NIT tourney. Drexel, NC State who just made a good run in the ACC tourney, West Virginia, Air Force and a lot of other good teams. SU got a number 2 seed and will play South Alabama on Wednesday at 7 pm on ESPN. Of course an ACC team got the #1 seed in their bracket, go figure huh.

Now it's up to the team to get past the initial shock and show the country what the Orange are all about. They have been playing some of their best hoops of the season and they need to keep it going. 5 wins makes the NCAA committee look like the fools that they were when picking the best 34 teams in the country this year. All I can say now is GO SU, it's time to kick some Nit butt!!! Have a great week all!


At 3/14/07, 3:06 PM , Anonymous Jill said...

Go NU! :)

At 3/14/07, 10:38 PM , Anonymous Patrick said...

NU as in Nevada Jill??? If so is there a reason why? SU won their first game tonight, Wooo Hooo! That first game always seems to be the hardest for them :)

At 3/14/07, 10:58 PM , Anonymous Jill said...

No silly! Niagara University... Go Purple Eagles :)

Who knows how far they'll make it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed...

Cool beans on SU... I like to see the local teams do good!

At 3/15/07, 7:28 AM , Anonymous The General said...

Niagara. YAY

If there is going to be any huge upset this year it will be the purple eagles knocking off Kansas. To bad they aren't playing home in Buffalo.

At 3/15/07, 12:45 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Lol, yeah I am a fool ;) I was drawing a blank when I looked at your post and then the brackets last night. I forgot about the pre-game teams. Ummm, I have Kansas winning it all so it might be a little hard for me to give up hundreds of match sticks and cheer for Niagara. If they happen to beat Kansas though I will cheer for them all the way ;)

I'll be cheering for Albany also :) I just read that the SU game won't be on TV Monday. ESPN blows. Yesterday they had one and a half games on.

General, you have Duke playing in Buffalo, lol. The team I love to watch get beat! I hope it's on here tonight.

At 3/16/07, 12:15 AM , Anonymous The General said...

Not to bad after day one, 14/16 on my picks. Messed up picking Marquette and Gonzaga, but both games were toss up picks anyways. Let's see how well I can do tomorrow.

At 3/16/07, 11:25 AM , Blogger Patrick said...

Same here General, 2 losses with Marquette and OD. My mom has only one loss so far with Marquette.

Today will be a make or break day and my longshot for today is Albany over Virginia :) That's on my 3 loss sheet though :(

At 3/16/07, 1:57 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Wow, so much for my Albany upset pick :( Their getting killed!


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