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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sissy Man and Tornado's

One thing worse than hearing the TV beeping that severe storm warning sound is when it makes the sound and it's for a Tornado warning :( Of course the first thing the sissy man (sissy man meaning myself of course) is go to the bay windows and sum up the situation as I flick like crazy through the tv channels to see what all the stations have to say about it.

Click Picture for Larger View

It's not too often we get tornado warnings in the Syracuse - Onondaga county area but every now and then we do. Today was one of those days and those clouds were that could be seen from the window were pretty nasty looking to say the least. Then of course when the hail started to fall it was time to keep the cellar door open for my fast escape. Unlike the General who most likely would be out there snapping pictures I prefer to snap them from the bay window. I took a few of the clouds that came out so so and then tried to catch the hail on video. That didn't work too good because I was across from the balloon fest in Jamesville this weekend and had over 300 pictures along with a couple of videos so when I started to catch the hail on video my memory card was full. I think it's a 1 or 2 gig memory card which pretty much tells you all how many pictures I took this weekend.

While doing a little surfing here is an old article from the New York Times about a tornado that hit back on September 15, 1912 in the Syracuse and the Long Branch ( called a pleasure resort back then) area in which 3 people were killed and 50 wounded. It will open in a .PDF file and shows a little bit different of style of writing that we are use to.

Anyways everything seemed to work out ok today with the tornado warning and I haven't seen any reports of damage anywhere. I have to admit that as much as a sissy man I am the hail that lasted a few minutes if that was pretty cool to see and hear as it slammed against the house windows and roof. For whatever reason I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last tornado warning that Upstate and Central New York will be seeing before winter sets back in.

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the nice although a bit hot weather we have been having so far. It looks like the next couple few days might be my kind of weather which is around 65 degrees and sunny. Here is a Storm site worth checking out. Enjoy All!


At 6/16/08, 9:40 PM , Blogger TheGeneral said...

Pat great minds must think alike, I was just saying to myself I gotta make a blog, this site is WAY to quite.

Didn't even know their was a tornado warning up in your area, crazy! Had some severe storms in our area, but of the dozen plus warnings today somehow I was in this about 5 mile wide area that got NOTHING! But maybe that was a good thing since some of the storms were dropping golf ball sized hail as large as 1.5 - 1.75 inches in diameter. The storms just kept firing up all afternoon.

Anyways hope everyone has been having a good summer. I've been busy with the garden and trying to get out exploring nature a bit more this summer. I had a few kinda dull blog ideas but will have something a bit more tasteful and approriate for this site up sometime this week.

At 6/17/08, 8:08 AM , Blogger Tom said...

You know what I thought was funny? When it hailed at the SYR airport the station recorded a Trace of snow (but then they cancled it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR).

At 6/20/08, 11:40 AM , Blogger Patrick said...

Absolutely to the Great minds think alike General :) That cloud just sat in front of my house which seemed like an hour or so. Once the hail started there were a only a couple big ones but then it came down hard for a few minutes which was pretty cool. Mostly dime sized hail.

Most likely I'll just be popping in every now and then. After the contest ends I'm ussually wayyy behind on my other websites and that's all I have been doing is playing catch up with them.

Then Good Ole NY went and passed the internet tax law so a lot of merchants that I am dealing with are dropping all affiliates who live in NY so I've been pulling stores left and right along with thousands of other affilaites who do what I do for a living %&*&%&.

Tom, imagine if they counted it and Rochester or Buffalo slipped ahead ;) Oh well, too late for that. Most likely the people at the airport were probably stumped as to how they should list it, lol.

At 7/19/08, 8:01 PM , Anonymous Joe said...

Wow that must have been scary. I have never experienced a tornado before and I am very eager to see one. I think many meteorologists, storm chasers, and weather enthusiasts can relate to this quote. Warren Fadley, a storm chaser once said in one of hi storm chasing videos, "it's like half your body is excited for this storm while the other half is scared and nervous for the people in the path of the storm." I think we can all relate to that feeling of being scared, nervous, excited; knowing we have no control of what Mother Nature may do. Thanks for posting a link to my site! I really appreciate it!



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