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Golden Snowball Totals for the 2010 - 2011 Snowfall Season
Updated  5/1/2011

GSB Cities This Season Normal Average
to Date
This Time Last Season Normal
 Seasons Average
All Time Season Snowfall Record
Syracuse 179.0 111.8 106.1 121.1 192.1 inches
( 1992 - 1993 )
Rochester 127.0 99.8 89.8 100.3 161.7 inches
( 1959 - 1960 )
Binghamton 117.5 80.8 81.4 81 134.0 inches
( 1995 - 1996 )
Buffalo 111.8 96.7 74.1 97 199.4 inches
( 1976 - 1977 )
Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Snow Day All!

Happy Valentines Day also! There isn't a whole lot to report as far as new stats go because most of the snow started coming down heavy after midnight which is when the latest NOAA stats were reported. I'll post them as they come in later in the day.

So far in Syracuse there is about 10 inches of new snow on the ground. The weather channel is in town and after being up north covering the lake effect snow there I'm sure he' thinking this is nothing. It will be interesting to see who wins this round of the battle of the Golden Snowball cities. I'm thinking maybe Binghamton or maybe even Albany might sneak a victory in from this snow storm. Right now there is some intense snowfall just south east of Binghamton and if they get into that snow, the chances are they could pick up enough to beat us all for this round.

I have to admit I'm stumped on this storm. They are still calling for quite a bit more to dump on some of us. Something to do with the moisture being pulled in from the coast. If that's the case it will most likely be to the west of Syracuse. Like I said, I'm totally stumped so stay tuned and stay home if you don't have to go out because I don't think this is over so keep an eye on your local forecasts. The weather channel is also advising people to stay off the thruway and roads around the Albany area and east of there and the Mass turnpike.

PS - If anyone sees Dale Stuper, please send him to the Snowman's house with his plow. This snow is heavier than it's been :(


At 2/14/07, 12:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buffalo got jacked today, they were calling for 12-20 inches, but theres no more than 4 or 5 outside of my garage (granted this is just one area of the city), well maybe next time

At 2/14/07, 12:54 PM , Anonymous The Snowman said...

Anon, I was surprised to see that Buffalo wasn't showing more. I think Rochester might end up getting a raw deal on this storm also. Our numbers in the Syracuse area aren't bad, probably close to a foot now but I don't know if we will get the 6 - 12 they are calling for today.

Everything right now seems to be aiming toward the East with a small possibility it might come in to Syracuse. I think anyone to the east of Syracuse including Albany is gonna make out on this storm.

At 2/14/07, 1:09 PM , Blogger CK1 said...

Looks like the colorful intense band on the radar is heading between Syracuse and Albany, so over Utica.

At 2/14/07, 1:20 PM , Anonymous The General said...

Yeah I was rather dissapointed myself with the snowfall totals. Maybe 7 inches all together here just south of the city.

I don't know how to put it in big weather words but the whole moisture center of that first low just fell apart overnight. Watching that massive blob over Ohio during the day Tuesday heading our way we were certainly looking to get pounded. But it was a combination I believe of the second low pulling the moisture all to the east and night cooling of the cloud tops that spread them down and out causing the most intense snow to just dissapear.

There is a 1:00pm Buffalo report of 9.0 inches, I'm not sure if that is the airport or not.

At 2/14/07, 1:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To let you know, SU has canceled all classes after 12 because of the weather... Only the 2nd time in history

At 2/14/07, 1:51 PM , Anonymous The Snowman said...

CK!, I called my son who goes to Oneonta about that snow band when it went over them and he said it was snowing like crazy. I was hoping that band would of kept coming to the west and hit Syracuse. Now it's headed toward my daughter who goes to school at Herkimer, which by the way is under a blizzard warning.

General, for some reason Buffalo NOAA hasn't updated the stats since yesterday. It will be interesting to see what Buff and Rock City comes in at for snow totals. At least the contest will stay pretty close.

Anon, Wow to SU closing up School for the day. Now that you mention it, I can't remember ever seeing them in the listings of closings before. Thanks for the info and lets hope they win tonight ;) Hmmm, they did get out of town I hope :(

At 2/14/07, 2:11 PM , Blogger Crysania said...

So I'm confused. I thought the count for Syracuse was 69 inches yesterday (unless I remember wrong). If that's true and we got 10 inches last night, why are we only at 71 now? Maybe I misread yesterday's total.

At 2/14/07, 2:28 PM , Anonymous The Snowman said...

Crysania, the new stats are only up until about midnight last night. NOAA in Binghamton posts the stats I think 3 times a day. Something like 12:30 am (which is the 1 1/2 inches added today), then at around 5:30 pm or so, then again sometime around 9 pm. The next update I do will show all the snow that we received since midnight last night.

Those times above normally are the same for Binghamton and Albany. Buffalo and Rochester works the same way but on a different time schedule as to when the stats are reported. In other words all the city totals should go up quite a bit in the next update :)

At 2/14/07, 3:13 PM , Anonymous NYCO said...

Syracuse is getting some nice ongoing coverage on the Weather Channel today.

At 2/14/07, 3:23 PM , Blogger Crysania said...

Thanks for the info! I was thinking that when you posted you were posting the totals up to that moment. Makes sense. I can't wait to see how much of this stuff we really got this storm.

At 2/14/07, 5:09 PM , Anonymous The General said...

Buffalo is up to 71.6 for the season as of 4pm today. Well we grabbed the lead for at least a few hours till the Syracuse update is posted.

At 2/14/07, 6:05 PM , Anonymous The Snowman said...

NYCO, yes and they were showing a few good shots of the city too. I should of hit the city and held up a Golden Snowball Contest sign behind them to get them to just once mention our contest.

Crysania, I just posted the stats that were posted and I feel like the people from Buffalo being disappointed with the totals so far. Of course it is still snowing here. I measured just under 14 inches at my house earlier.

General, I did post Buffalo ahead for about 2 seconds. If ya blinked ya missed it :p


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