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Syracuse 179.0 111.8 106.1 121.1 192.1 inches
( 1992 - 1993 )
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( 1959 - 1960 )
Binghamton 117.5 80.8 81.4 81 134.0 inches
( 1995 - 1996 )
Buffalo 111.8 96.7 74.1 97 199.4 inches
( 1976 - 1977 )
Albany 87.2 62.6 45.4 62.6 112.5 inches
( 1970 - 1971 )

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow Tonight!

I was going to title this blog, "March Goes Out Like A Lion", but with some hints at another storm heading our way on Monday, this month isn't over just quiet yet.

Well this storm didn't come in as big as I noted the models were showing back on Sunday, but it is still looking to pad the numbers for everyone tonight into tomorrow. Heavy, wet, slushy snow what a treat for all!

General idea is 4-8 for Buffalo and Rochester (depending on the water content of the snow, could actually go as high as 10 inches but not very likely). 3-5 for Syracuse and Albany. And 1-3 for Bingo, depening on how much sleet mixes in there.

With that said if Buffalo and Rochester can get the upper end of 8 inches and Syracuse stays light with only 3 or 4 we will be looking at an even closer race heading into the final month. Sure is a fun race this year!


At 3/27/08, 9:18 PM , Anonymous zr800 said...

Well with a storm "Out like a lion" would be appropriate.

Wet snow falling now. Local (ROC) news calling for 2-5, surprised that NWS is calling for 4-8 here. Oh well, off to bed for me!

At 3/27/08, 11:50 PM , Anonymous Patrick said...

Just a light snow here in Syracuse right now. The grass is just about covered. As always come tomorrow evening the stats could be pretty interesting.

General, I'm glad you posted something. I just started to write a blog and noticed yours before I got too far into it.

Sorry about the lack of responses lately all but I have been feeling like $^%&$% since Monday. I'll see how it goes tomorrow and try to catch up with everyone. Bring on the snow!!!

At 3/27/08, 11:56 PM , Blogger TheGeneral said...

As interesting as this contest has become going down to the wire I really am putting up the white flag and beggin for spring / summer to show (go figure the guy that in August that will be praying for an early snow), the lack or winter thaws and heatwaves just has me down in the dumos, its been cold, rainy, cloudy for a solid 3 months now.. I really want some sun and warm to get outside and have some fun!

As for the snow starting to pick up a bit covering the roads now, probably going to have to lean down the accumulations a bit as it really didn't start sticking till just a short while ago. I really wish this snow would have held off one more day though! I'm getting my new 4WD truck tomorrow and would love some nice crappy road conditions to break it it with, if not, I always have a flooded back yard waiting to be torn apart :)

At 3/28/08, 6:09 AM , Anonymous zr800 said...

Well I woke to the neighbors snowblower so was hoping to have something to report, but I just looked out at my driveway and there only seems to be about an inch here on the east side of ROC, and I am at one of the highest elevations around here. Town already has the street to pavement. May be different by the airport, but I doubt it. Neighbor must have been running it out of gas. The sleep deprived wife and 5 week old baby sure appreciate that out the window at 5:30AM.

At 3/28/08, 7:33 AM , Anonymous zr800 said...

OKAY, so I am guessing 2-3" is what the airport will report here in the ROC. I previously reported only an inch at my house, but that was on the brick which must have gotten warm yesterday. There was 2-3 heavy inches in my driveway. Glad we did not get 8" of that!

At 3/28/08, 10:37 AM , Anonymous zr800 said...

Heard some more reports, 12" 45 minutes south of Rochester in Dansville, 8" Skaneateles Falls.

At 3/28/08, 10:51 AM , Blogger Patrick said...

General, I hear you about the lack of warm sunny days this year. I think the last really decent day was back in early January when the Christmas decorations came down. That said I still want one decent storm for the Cuse. Something we haven't had all season. Buffalo and Rochester were both able to slip one in late when you picked up the 20+ inches.

ZR, I'm guessing about 2 inches maybe 3 here in the Syracuse area and looking out the window it looks like very heavy snow. I think I'm going to wait this one out and hope it melts rather than shovel it :)

At 3/28/08, 2:03 PM , Anonymous mike m(binghamton) said...

well that sucks lol very little snow at my house maybe a little more up at the airport?

At 3/28/08, 4:44 PM , Anonymous Angela said...

Patrick,you said there hasn't been a decent storm all winter, but wasn't
there a decent storm back in December, I think mid-December? For the Syracuse area anyway. I remember a good amount of snow I had to shovel off my car that morning.

At 3/28/08, 5:33 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Angela, I guess you are right ;) On December 16th we received 10.7 inches and on the 17th another 7.9 inches. The 2 day total would have been 18.6 inches which isn't too shabby huh. I guess it was so long ago that I didn't realize we had that much snow on the ground at once.

I'm seeing hints of 60 degree weather in about 2 weeks which could be the beginning of the end of this snow season :)

At 3/28/08, 6:07 PM , Blogger Tom said...

Pat, glad to see you back! Did you read my comments in the previous blog?

At 3/29/08, 12:17 AM , Anonymous Patrick said...

Tom, yup I did read all the comments. As for the team member most likely you'll be able to post come next season. Here is the thing. This year was kind of a trial to see how it went and it went GREAT with the General posting and representing a snow lover from Buffalo.

The idea is to kind of try and have an active person from each city be able to post on the main blog. You are definitely active here which is great ;) It's not so much a matter of me making a decision as it is to changing the design of GSB for next season. I want to go with another format and most likely it is going to be wordpress instead of what we are using now which is blogger.

The biggest thing will be trying to keep all the posts from blogger and propagate them with wordpress which I am sure can be done. So in other words bringing anyone else in to blog will be after the change over takes place. I don't want you to think I am putting you off because that's not the case at all.

On a snow note Rochester has moved to 5 inches from taking the lead.

General, no white flags allowed here at GSB ;p Wayyy too close.

Mike, Bingo has definitely missed out quite a bit this season on what could have beens ;(

At 3/29/08, 8:49 AM , Blogger Tom said...

Sounds good Pat. The new look to the GSB site is a good idea, and wordpress looks great!

At 3/29/08, 10:26 AM , Blogger Tom said...

One more thing. I'll probably make a wordpress account this spring, so don't worry about converting me from blogger.

At 3/29/08, 7:56 PM , Anonymous mike m(binghamton) said...

stupid stupid winter lol nah but really down here in Binghamton at least i can tell you this has been a very "mild" winter in the sense that snow never really built up to a great depth,in other words it would snow, then rain then snow.really the problem with this winter was the amount of rain we have recieved, for every snowstorm we have had 3 rain storms; its crazy. its also crazy to think that had we been a few degrees colder we would have gotten many more inches of snow.....well heres to the winter of missed oppertunities!!!!!!


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